WGD Auto Parts - Leading car parts manufacturer for automobile engine parts, car chassis parts & car electrical components


WGD Auto Parts is the professional car parts manufacturer since 2006, leading auto parts supplier for automobile engine parts, chassis parts, car electrical components.

Our company mainly exports regulators, rectifiers, ignition coils, rubber parts and other auto parts

Complete vehicle parts categories, rich industry experience.
Superior geographical environment, located in the auto parts shipping base.
Complete testing equipment and high-quality products.
After receiving the customer's order, it will be shipped in the shortest time.


1.Make quotation according to OME number or customer's physical sample


2.After the quotation is confirmed, make the foreign trade contract


3.Check the product and packaging details again before production, and then start production


4.Before delivery, quality check for bulk goods and make corresponding shipping documents


5.Delivery supervision


6.After-sale tracking

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