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1. Auto electric relay is a kind of automatic control device when the input (electric, magnetic, sound, light, heat) reaches a certain value, the output will change by leaps and bounds.

2. Like the function of general relays, relays in the electrical automation industry play the role of "switch", that is, through the control of a circuit on and off to control the next circuit on and off this intermediate link. Therefore, the role of automobile relays is to control the size of the current and on and off.

3. Installation method:

1) Installation direction If the installation direction is consistent with the impact resistance direction of the relay, it can give full play to the performance of the relay.

2) Close installation. When multiple relays are installed at close range, it will lead to abnormal heating. It is generally recommended to have a distance of 2mm.

3) Install the relay on the shell. The shell cannot be removed and installed first. In order to prevent loosening, damage and deformation, please use the spring washer.

4) The insertion strength of the plug-in relay is recommended to be 40~70N.

5) Products that meet the same load requirements have different dimensions. According to the allowed installation space, products with low height or small installation area can be selected.

6) There are PCB plate type, ISO socket type, ISO 280 socket type and shell fixed, card mounted and installed mode of automobile relay.

4. The advantages of our automotive relay are good quality, competitive price, one year guarantee and 100% test before delivery.

5. Most important is the data of all products according to OEM.

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