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1. The main brake pump is the main part of the hydraulic brake, above which there is a tank for storing brake oil, below which there is a piston in the cylinder. The piston is in the cylinder by the brake pedal and then through the push rod action, the cylinder will be the brake oil pressure to each wheel cylinder, is also the hydraulic brake device, configured in the wheel brake cylinder.

2. Working principle: when the driver on waste pedal down by stretching rod arm end spring balance, the balance arm down, first the exhaust valves are closed, open the inlet valve, the compressed air through the intake valve of air cylinder filling the brake chamber, pushing air chamber diaphragm to rotate the brake CAM so as to realize the wheel brake, so as to achieve the brake effect.

3. The advantages of our car brake cylinder are good quality, competitive price, one year guarantee and 100% test before delivery.

4. Most important is the data of all products according to OEM. OEM brake master cylinder, contact us.

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