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1. The automobile distributor is a part in the ignition system of gasoline engine that regularly spreads the high voltage to the spark plug of each cylinder according to the cylinder ignition sequence.

2. In the battery ignition system, the car distributor and the breaker are usually done on the same shaft, and driven by the gas distribution camshaft. It also has ignition advance Angle adjustment device and capacitor, etc. The power arm of the breaker uses a spring piece to close the contact, and the power CAM to open the contact. The opening gap is about 0.300.45mm. The convex number of power CAM and the number of cylinders are the same.

3. When the contact is opened, the distributor arm is just aligned with the corresponding side electrode. The high voltage generated by the induction is transmitted to the spark plug of the corresponding cylinder by the secondary coil through the distributor arm, the side electrode and the high voltage wire. When using gasoline with different octane numbers, the initial ignition advance Angle can be manually adjusted.

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