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1. Car Timing belt is an important part of the engine gas distribution system, through the connection with the crankshaft and with a certain transmission ratio to ensure the accuracy of the intake and exhaust time. Belts rather than gears are used to drive because belts have low noise, precise transmission, little variation in themselves and are easy to compensate for. It is obvious that the life of the belt must be shorter than that of the metal gear, so replace the belt regularly.

2. The role of the car timing belt is when the engine is running, piston stroke (up and down movement) valve opening and closing (time) ignition sequence (time), under the "timing" connection, always keep "synchronous" operation. Timing is through the engine's timing mechanism, so that each cylinder just do: piston up just to the top dead center, the valve just close, spark plug ignition just

3. The advantages of our car engine belt are good quality, competitive price, one year guarantee and 100% test before delivery.

4. Most important is the data of all products according to OEM.

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