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1. The car engine mount is divided into two kinds: one is the torsion support, the other is the engine foot glue. The function of the engine foot glue is mainly fixed shock absorption, mainly said the torsion bracket!

2. Torsion bracket is a kind of engine fastener, which is usually connected to the engine on the front axle at the front of the car body.

3. The difference with the ordinary engine foot glue is that the engine foot glue is a rubber pier mounted directly on the bottom of the engine, while the torsion bracket is a similar iron bar mounted on the side of the engine. There will also be a torsion support glue on the torsion support, which acts as shock absorber.

4. The advantages of our car engine mount are good quality, competitive price, one year guarantee and 100% test before delivery.

5. Most important is the data of all products according to OEM

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