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1.The Ignition Switch, the Switch on a car's Ignition system (usually with a key), freely turns on or off the main circuit of the car ignition coil.

An automobile ignition switch is used to switch on or off the starter, ignition and electrical circuits.

1)Ignition switch is generally equipped with LOCK, ACC, ON, START four positions.

2) LOCK the car. General car keys in this block is equal to the lock the steering wheel, the steering wheel can not have too large range of activity.

3) ACC(electrify the whole car). Radios, car lights and so on can be used normally, but can not use air conditioning.

4) ON. In addition to the engine, the rest of the basic equipment is open, can unlock the steering wheel, can use the air conditioning, but the refrigeration effect of the air conditioning is not very good, normal driving key is in the ON state, then all the circuits of the whole car are in the working state.

5) Start the car. Start the engine, consume fuel, start the car, the refrigeration effect of air conditioning will become better. Start gear is the engine START gear, will automatically return to the normal state after starting, that is, ON gear.

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