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Ignition Module

  Ignition module is also called ignition controller, it can be selected according to the environmental requirements, metal probe or UV photosensitive tube can be used together, so as to achieve automatic flame indication, automatic ignition, signal transmission work, flameout alarm. In the automotive industry, the ignition module and hybrid integrated circuit (HIC), ignition switch, ignition coil, ignition distributor constitute the ignition system.


1 Ignition module features

(1)Light weight


(3)Small volume

(4)Strong ignition performance

2 Ignition module function

(1)To use the remote control function, an external 24VDC power supply is required. The controller can be turned on and off by turning on the switch.

(2)After the ignition module is powered ON, the power indicator is ON (green), and the switch has no electric reaction in the ON/OFF state. After opening the switch-on-system self-test ignition, the solenoid valve is opened after 0.6 seconds, and the flame signal is detected. The ignition is stopped, and the working indicator is on (yellow).

(3)The key fire can be turned off at any time. If there is a flame signal detected during the key fire, it will enter the normal working state. If there is no flame signal within 10 seconds, the red indicator of the solenoid valve alarm will light up.

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