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1.Unidirectional device, also known as isolator, is a device of unidirectional transmission of electromagnetic waves, a non-reciprocal dual-port microwave ferrite device. When the electromagnetic wave is transmitted along the forward direction, all the power can be fed to the load, and the reflected wave from the load will have a great attenuation. This one-way transmission characteristic can be used to isolate the influence of load changes on the signal source.

2.The working principle of the unidirectional device is very simple, on a pair of mutually meshing gear and pump cylinder to separate the suction cavity and discharge cavity, gear rotation, suction cavity side gear teeth off each other at the tooth volume gradually increases, the pressure is reduced, the liquid under the action of pressure difference into the teeth.

As the gear rotates, the liquid between the teeth is brought to the discharge chamber. At this time, the volume between the teeth at the meshing place of the side teeth of the discharge cavity is gradually reduced, and the liquid is discharged.

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