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1, Tie Rod End And Ball Joint is the link suspension and balance bar joint parts mainly play a role in the transfer of the force of the car suspension and balance bar.

2, When the left and right two wheels go through the same road bumps or holes when the balance bar will not have a role, but if the left and right wheels respectively through different road bumps or holes, that is, the horizontal height of the left and right two wheels is different will cause the torsion of the rod body to produce anti-roll resistance to inhibit the body rolling.

3, The balance bar only in action will make the road hard, unlike the hard spring will make the road hard in a comprehensive way if you want to completely rely on the spring to reduce the roll of the body.

4. The advantages of our tie rod end and ball joint are good quality, competitive price, one year guarantee and 100% test before delivery.

5. Most important is the data of all products according to OEM.

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